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Concrete Services in Louisville, KY

About Us Paradigm Concrete Design is based in Louisville Ky. and has more than 26 years of experience in commercial and residential concrete work. Commercial concrete services include concrete footers, foundations. concrete slabs, exterior concrete sidewalks, parking pads. Residential concrete services include, stained concrete, decorative concrete, stamped concrete, concrete driveways, concrete patios, backyard design. We have a proven track record of reliability and good service. Our goal is to provide Louisville KY, Southern Indiana with prompt service, functional design with artistry, which delivers superior quality. We do all this at an affordable rate to make sure you are more than satisfied.

Decorative Concrete

With all our extensive experience, we at Paradigm Concrete Design have garnered a robust reputation within the decorative concrete services industry, becoming synonymous with excellence. We focus on delivering unwavering quality, catering to the needs of both residential and commercial clients. We offer many concrete services tailored to residential and commercial clients, meeting your concrete needs with expertise and professionalism.

We take pride in offering customized solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our commitment to tailoring our services ensures that every project receives the attention and care it deserves, resulting in outcomes that align perfectly with our client's visions and requirements. We work on stamped concrete, stained concrete, and broom finish overlay projects and ensure seamless integration of all features.

Professional Concrete Company

Our company's unwavering focus is on delivering exceptional value to our clients. We are dedicated to creating the finest possible experiences for our clients, ensuring that every interaction and project with us is characterized by excellence, professionalism, and a commitment to their unique needs. We work on all types of big and small outdoor living projects with dedication and attention to detail.

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Who-We-Are Paradigm Concrete Design, founded by Chad Parrott in Louisville, KY, boasts over two and a half decades of experience in residential and commercial concrete work, proudly serving the Louisville, KY, and Southern Indiana region. Our mission is to deliver prompt service, combining functional concrete design with artistic craftsmanship to achieve exceptional quality.

We are dedicated to affordability, ensuring our clients' utmost satisfaction. Our commitment extends to crafting personalized, custom concrete solutions that elevate the value, curb appeal, beauty, and enjoyment of residential and commercial properties. At Paradigm Concrete Design, we blend expertise with creativity to transform your spaces into concrete masterpieces.

"Paradigm demo and removed existing exposed aggregate sections of the concrete driveway and then installed exposed aggregate concrete. They then cleaned the entire driveway and sealed the driveway.

"The workers were polite and efficient. After the driveway was sealed, water from my neighbor draining their pool ran across the driveway and stained the seal. I called Chad and he sent someone that day to reseal that section of the drive."

Colleen Berg Driveway Concrete Louisville KY

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