Concrete Sidewalk

Sidewalks are important additions to any property, whether for residential, public, or commercial spaces. Not only do they serve as buffer zones that separate pedestrians from vehicles, they also provide decorative benefits since they can be styled according to a specific theme or design option.

At Paradigm Concrete Design, we specialize in designing and creating exceptional sidewalks for various applications. Since they have frequent foot traffic, they should be built properly - sturdy but also with appealing designs. We never settle for plain-looking designs but always strive to adopt design options that will make these outdoor features easily stand out.

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Sidewalk Design

Our expertise in concrete works has made us well adept with the various techniques in creating different sidewalks. Specifically, we can design and build different types, including:

  • Commercial sidewalk. Commercial properties should have a properly constructed sidewalk system to help keep patrons or customers safe from potential slip-and-fall or collision accident. When constructed with a certain theme, it can also provide decorative appeal.

  • Residential/private sidewalk. Sidewalk systems in private properties are mostly highly decorative, and we can ensure that yours will be just as stunning. These hardscape structures will be installed in strategic areas in your property so that you and your guests will have a better outdoor experience.

  • Pool sidewalk. Pool sidewalks are vital in ensuring the beauty of the area and also of the safety of those staying around. Accordingly, we will not only ensure that your pool sidewalk looks great but also focus on making the surface slip resistant to keep accidents at bay.

  • Driveway sidewalk. We can also build sidewalks for your driveways. They will ensure the smooth flow of vehicle and foot traffic in and out of your property. Moreover, these added features will add curb appeal to the area.

We Build Durable and Functional Sidewalks

Creating the best sidewalks require expertise and knowledge of the best decorative and construction techniques. Accordingly, we can make every sidewalk highly decorative with our stamping and staining methods. With us, any design is possible, and we can construct sidewalk systems according to our clients’ specific design requirements.

Additionally, we use only premium materials for our sidewalk creation projects. We’re fortunate to have reliable suppliers as our partners, so access to fine sidewalk materials is never an issue.

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Concrete Sidewalk Cost

Meanwhile, if you’re worried about the budget that such project will require, worry no further. We have some of the lowest rates in the state, and we’re open to make some compromises just to accommodate your budget. But even if you have a very limited budget, rest assured that you will have a sidewalk that is sturdy, attractive, and guaranteed safe.

Should you have other questions as regards our offered services, please feel free to call us at (502) 751-0779 for faster response. You may also visit our Louisville office so we can have a better idea of your specific design needs. We look forward to turn your dream sidewalks into functional parts of your property.