Retaining Walls

Paradigm Concrete Design has been beautifying homes and commercial properties in Kentucky by building functional and durable concrete structures. Consequently, our clients are assured of quality work and outstanding results because of our vast experience in the field of concrete construction. Whether they are looking for a pavement contractor or a builder of concrete retaining wall, we are the right company to call.

The Need for Retaining Walls

There are several reasons why homeowners and commercial property owners want a retaining wall in their properties. Most of the time, it is built to improve the safety and functionality of a certain area. Construction of retaining walls becomes a necessity if there are slopes in the property that could turn into safety hazards. Torrential rains, for example, can cause soil erosion that can in turn damage foundation, landscape, drainage, and other outdoor features.

Another important function of a retaining wall is to improve the aesthetics of the outdoors. In fact, many landscapers use retaining walls to create certain themes and unique designs for their landscaping projects. These concrete structures also create more functional spaces in the landscape. Sloped areas are normally unusable but with retaining walls built in these areas, new functional spaces are created. These spaces may now be used for patios, sitting areas, decks, or gardens.

Concrete Retaining Wall Builders

Since retaining walls have critical functions in landscapes and outdoor areas, they must be built durably. Poorly designed and built walls may not be able to withstand the pressure of the backfill, which could result to the collapse of the structure. This scenario is not only dangerous but will also affect the overall appearance of your outdoors.

With Paradigm Concrete Design, you are assured of a durable and functional retaining wall. We always see to it that our design can meet clients’ needs and will comply with local regulations. Our company uses only premium masonry materials to ensure the integrity of all retaining walls that we build.

We also assess clients’ area to determine the perfect type of retaining wall to use. Certain factors such as the slope, height of the wall, and the intended function or use of the wall are also taken into consideration.

Here are the various types of concrete retaining walls that we can design and build for you:

  • Gravity
  • Semi-gravity
  • Cantilever
  • Counterfort

These walls are built by our trained and experienced masons who have already completed numerous concrete projects in Louisville and surrounding areas in Kentucky and Indiana. Appropriate tools and equipment are also used whenever we handle a retaining wall project, whether it is for a garden wall for residential landscapes or for a more complex project that requires building high-rise walls.

Affordable Rates but Premium Services

Paradigm Concrete Design continues to be the leader in our field by providing affordable rates without compromising the quality of our services. We’ve been in the construction industry for almost two decades, making us knowledgeable in all aspects of concrete design and build projects. So if you need a reliable contractor for your retaining wall project, call 502-751-0779 now.