CONCRETE DESIGN Testimonials, Louisville

Concrete Design

"Paradigm Concrete Design were great contractors to work with! Better than what we had ever expected! Our new Stamped concrete has been awesome for entertaining guests! Thanks Paradigm Concrete Design for a job well done!"

Steve and Elaine Hughes Stamped Concrete Louisville KY.

Driveway Design

"Removed the asphalt driveway and replaced with concrete with stamped accents. Paradigm provided excellent feedback on design details to make the driveway more beautiful. The driveway has great style without being too much with the stamping. The price was competitive and they got me scheduled right away. They worked late into Friday night to get the job done. I'm very pleased and have signed a contract for another job."

Stacy Buckles Driveway Concrete Louisville KY

Concrete Driveway Exposed Aggregate Replacement and Sealing

"Paradigm demo and removed existing exposed aggregate sections of the concrete driveway and then installed exposed aggregate concrete. They then cleaned the entire driveway and sealed the driveway.

"The workers were polite and efficient. After the driveway was sealed, water from my neighbor draining their pool ran across the driveway and stained the seal. I called Chad and he sent someone that day to reseal that section of the drive."

Colleen Berg Driveway Concrete Louisville KY

Front Porch, Double Driveway and Concrete Pad with Drainage System...

"Created a new front porch, converted a single drive to a double, built a concrete pad with drain system behind the garage, built planters and refaced to walls with decorative stone. I will begin by saying I do not trust construction companies due to some previous bad experiences, being former law enforcement and a current private investigator. Mr. Parrott had a tough time getting me to hand over an $8000 down payment before work began. I ran a complete background investigation on him, the company, etc....squeeky clean. That being said, I took a chance on him and didn't regret it.

"He called when the weather delayed our start and began earlier than he had rescheduled for. His crew was great! I kidded him about stealing Jesse and started my own concrete company. The weather made our job a mess and they handled it like the professionals they are. My wife is very picky and didn't have much to say when the job was nearing completion. Only one or two little issues and Chad took care of them promptly even after getting all the money. You can trust Paradigm to do it right and not to take the money and run.

"I WILL use them in the future should I need concrete work. As a side note...they were about $5000 cheaper than my other quotes."

Mike Pitzer Driveway Concrete Louisville KY

Concrete Driveway

"Excellent work, excellent communications, very easy to work with. Chad was the lead guy. He is great!! His crew was friendly and communicated with me every day during the project. I highly recommend Paradigm Concrete."

Paula Head Driveway Concrete Louisville KY

Rebuilding a Driveway

"I got Chad Parrott to schedule an appointment to estimate rebuilding our driveway. Chad was on time (actually a bit early) for the appointment. He explained how he proposed the job to be done and provided the estimate as promised.On the day the job was scheduled to start, Jason and crew showed up and started breaking the old cracked drvieway. Everybody on this crew of about 6-7 was professional and courteous. My husband and I simply like the new driveway even better than we expected.

"The new driveway looks great. The work was performed within the timeframe Chad gave us. The driveway is an incline, but it seems they even smoothed the angle a little bit. It looks great."

Penha Rodriques Driveway Concrete Louisville KY

A Beautiful Driveway

"My driveway is beautiful! My neighbors all want a referral. Chad tore out the asphalt and poured a new driveway, put in a pipe for drainage in front, filled dirt around the edges, planted grass seed and covered it with straw. Those details were not even in the contract. We did run into an unexpected situation under the asphalt. Chad was so honest, and he didn't have to be. I'd never have known.

"Thank you Chad for your excellent workmanship, your professionalism, your extremely fair pricing, and your kindness to me personally. Let's get busy on this next job we're planning. Anybody can feel free to drive by and look. Chad will give you my phone number upon request following his completion of an estimate for contract."

Jane Webb Driveway Concrete Louisville KY

Driveway and Sidewalk

"Replaced driveway and sidewalk. The men arrived on Thursday and removed the old driveway and sidewalk. They prepared the ground and poured the concrete on Friday. They returned on Saturday to clean up and remove the frames. They were professional, competent and friendly. They cleaned up after themselves and explained what we should expect. The price was as agreed upon. They recommended that we not drive on it for 10 days."

Arthur Turner Driveway Concrete Louisville KY

Concrete Walkway and Pad

"Paradigm pulled up old pavers (and stacked them neatly for our reuse), poured a new walkway from our driveway to our back garden, poured a pad for our trashcans, and poured a walkway behind the garage.

"All three workers present over the two days of the job were professional, courteous, and skilled. Truly, they were great.

"The job site was clean at the end of each day--and not job site clean but actually tidy.

"The walkways and pad that were poured were curved and they are beautiful. You can tell that pride was taken in the work.

"This job surpassed expectations. How often do you get what you hope for rather than what you expect?

"We're saving up money to have Paradigm do our driveway.

"We wholeheartedly recommend Paradigm."

Jennifer Jones Sidewalk Concrete Louisville KY

Concrete Sidewalk

"The work crew that was at our house did a wonderful job. It took 3 days to finish completely and looks absolutely wonderful. They even had some leftover gravel that they dumped in my drive way which was badly needed. They were very informative and wouldn't leave until I looked over the work and gave them the okay. The only slightly negative thing I could say would be the wait for the job to start. That however was not a reflection of not communicating, just a reflection of how busy this company gets. Chad was very good about letting us know updates of when they would be out to do our job."

Joe Noland Sidewalk Concrete Louisville KY

Decorative Concrete

"Tear out and removal of old wooden deck. Poured new decorative colored stamped concrete patio (550 sf) and adjoining walkway (80 sf). One third of patio raised approximately 7 inches, two wide steps incorporated to access patio doors on two sides of raised level. Decorative edge on viewable ledge of raised patio. Decorative border around edge of all patio sections.

"Very pleased with overall experience. Chad was great to work with and still honored the original quote given in May '12 despite us not having the work done until November. His work crew was professional and prompt. He even had someone come on a Saturday to apply the sealer to take advantage of the best weather conditions.Total project completed in five days. I felt his price was fair and I would recommend his company highly for any concrete work."

Laura Mueller Stamped Concrete Louisville KY

Stamped Concrete

"Removed damaged front walk and poured new concrete walk. Removed old, elevated back patio and replaced with stamped concrete patio. Reconfigured back patio steps. Extended new back patio by removing a section of existing driveway and a section of the back yard. Built a pergola on new patio.

"Chad was very easy to work with. We changed our plans during construction several times. Not only was Chad and his crew patient but also very helpful in our final decisions. The work took a few days longer than originally planned but that was due to weather and changes we initiated. We were very pleased with the finished project! Chad and his crew were very professional and knew exactly what needed to be done to make the project a success. We will definitely us them again for future projects!"

Pamela Friebert Stamped Concrete Louisville KY

Stamped Concrete Steps

"Paradigm put in stamped concrete steps coming down a hill, a large patio and about 57 feet of sidewalk out to a picnic area.

"All of the concrete work they did for us was colored and stamped and it really turned out beautiful. I highly recommend them. The work they did exceeded my expectations. Their personnel were very friendly and did a super job. The showed up when they said they would and did a fine job of cleaning up after the job was finished."

Marty Blake Stamped Concrete Louisville KY

Poured & Stamped Concrete Patio & Pool Deck

"Poured & stamped patio, pool deck and stairs from lower level driveway. Scheduled work to fit my needs and arrived promptly as scheduled.

"Total project lasted about three weeks with involvement of other contractors on non-concrete items.

"Chad and crew always responsive to questions and coordination of their services with others involved."

Andy Pierce Stamped Concrete Louisville KY

Stamped Concrete Patio, Sidewalk & Driveway

"Paradigm Concrete replaced a gravel patio with a tinted, stamped concrete patio and replaced an asphalt driveway with an aggregate concrete driveway and performed repairs to an aggregate sidewalk.

"The work began on time and was completed in the estimated time frame. The team did an extraordinary job. They were originally hired to do the patio but did such a great job we expanded the work to complete the driveway and front sidewalk repairs as well. I was very pleased with all the concrete work and even the little touches like filling in on each side of the new driveway with dirt and grass seed covered with straw. I will use them for any of my concrete work in the future."

Dwight Hannah Stamped Concrete and Driveway Concrete Louisville KY

Stamped Concrete Walkway

"I had Chad tear out an old, dilapidated brick walkway as well an old creek-stone patio. Chad recommended stamping designs and colors to match our home. His price was very competitive and he was extremely professional. His crew completed the work in about 7 days. I also quoted several other vendors including brick masons and found stamped concrete to be the way to go for me.

"Chad and his crew showed up on a Monday and went right to work. They were careful to care for my yard and our landscaping during the entire project. By Saturday of that week, they were pouring both the walkway and patio. They then showed back up on Monday to begin cleaning up. I am extremely pleased with their craftsmanship and professionalism. I called Chad about a week later because one section did not look as glossy as others. He quickly came by and applied another coat."

Angela Nall Stamped Concrete Louisville KY

Paver Patio & Drainage

"Chad has been extremely punctual in returning my calls (same day). He came out to my house for a free estimate within a week of my request. I talked about removing an existing paver patio, installing a new larger patio roughly 32'x12', a walkway from the patio to the front driveway, extending the driveway 22" on either side, re-doing the front walkway to the front door, and installing a small front porch/patio.

" When I discussed the drainage issue near the front walkway, he immediately offered to install catch basins underground with piping to the MSD ditch on the side of the house. They would then cover the basins with decorative rock. I received the itemized quote the next day at a little over $13,000. This was nearly $6000 lower than a quote I received from another company. I agreed to the project and received a call that same day to setup up an appointment for color, pattern, and schedule. The next week I met with Chad again. He is extremely professional, receptive, and flexible. The work does come with a warranty for settling, heaving, and other structural issues related to improper installation (normal cracking due to concrete behavior/expansion/constriction not covered). The work is currently scheduled for August (2 months from now), and expected to be accomplished in 7-10 business days. The work has not yet been accomplished. The company's website has many pictures of their work. So far, my experience has been wonderful and I would highly recommend them."

Vicki Huff Stamped Concrete Louisville KY

Pouring a Concrete Patio

"Poured a stamped concrete Patio, sidewalk out to the garage and a small platform approx. 6 x 7 by garage door. I chose the color and design and it turned out really nice. The design was fieldstone, using santa fe and walnut colors.

"From start to finish everything was done exactly as I expected. I would highly recommend this company."

Debbie Mcreary Stamped Concrete Louisville KY

Concrete Patio

"Chad did a great job explaining what was going to be done, with a written cost and options on what to be done, the job was done when within 2 days of starting, we will use them again for our next project"

David George Patio Concrete Louisville KY

Stamped Concrete Paver Patio

"These guys are awesome! My new patio looks outstanding! We signed with them in late January, early February when the weather was still bad, so we knew it would be awhile before they could get to us. Chad touched base with me a few times during the next couple months. They were finally able to begin work March 20th, and finished in about 4 days (large patio).

"There were a group of about 6 workers. They were very polite, considerate and professional. They also did outstanding work, and were very interested in whether or not I was happy with what they were doing. I categorically avoid being one of those homeowners who has to tell contractors how to do their job, but I was pleased that they asked me what I thought as they went along. The final results are exceptional. We love it and are looking forward to the weather warming up so we can begin really enjoying it. Thank you Paradigm Concrete!"

Paul Overstreet Stamped Concrete Patio Louisville KY

Stamped Concrete Patio Design

"Stamped concrete patio. Removed the previous wood decking that was there. wonderful! The design was beautiful. They exceeded our expectations."

Laura Farley Stamped Concrete Louisville KY

A Patio With Stamped Concrete

"Wood deck removed and replaced with fill and stamped concrete. Patio added using stamped concrete. Driveway replaced. Walkway to front door replaced.

"Chad the owner is great to work with, I had lots of ideas and questions while formulating the design plan. Chad took lots of time to explain everything to me and never said "no", and we came up with a design we both liked. One he started my job, he focused on it every day possible but we did have several days where the weather prevented work. Steady progress was made over the 30 day period using the right equipment and the right number of workman. Chad was good about discussing options and upgrades and allowed me to run some dog fence wire, post light wire, some sprinkler system pipes, and drain lines around and under the driveway and deck.

"The stamped patio which replaced the deck made a huge difference in the look and feel. I am pleased with his work and his price.

"Please feel free to come have a look with Chad so he can explain the process and show you his work."

Jim Stone Stamped Concrete Louisville KY