Broom Finish Overlays

There are cases where decorative methods, like staining or stamping, are not necessary especially when there is a simpler and more affordable method available. One option is to broom finish concrete to achieve decorative appeal minus the high costs. As it is, broom finish overlays do the trick without all the intricacy of other decorative techniques. This means that the task can be completed quickly so you could start enjoying great practical and aesthetic benefits soon.

Our Broom Finish Overlay Process

As experts in concrete works, we take pride in our ability to design and build exceptional concrete structures. We’ve been doing these for all our clients in Kentucky and select areas in Southern Indiana. And when it comes to broom finish overlays, our process here at Paradigm Concrete Design runs pretty much like this:

  • Prepare the area where the overlay solution will be applied. We typically pressure wash or sandblast the area properly prior to application.

  • We use a squeegee, trowel, or special spray to apply the overlay on the length of the prepared area. Once the concrete work is done, we will broom finish the entire length to create a slip-resistant finish and decorative appeal.

  • We can also seal the surface to prevent staining from happening.

Areas Where Broom Finish Overlays are Recommended

Broom finish overlays are versatile decorative concrete solutions that can be used on various areas in public, private, and commercial properties. They are highly recommended especially in areas that need slip-resistant surfaces such as:

  • Driveways
  • Pathways
  • Sidewalks
  • Parking lots
  • Walkways
  • Garden paths

When done correctly, this process can provide the same results like that of stamping technique. It makes the surface slip resistant and thus safer for vehicles or people.

Why Hire Us?

While applying broom finish overlays may look something that DIY enthusiasts can perform, they are actually not that simple to do. Since the process requires a systematic approach and the use of special tools and specific materials, the task must be handled by professionals like us.

We have expert masons who use premium concrete materials – from cement to other aggregates. Our people also use appropriate masonry tools to perform their job efficiently and complete projects on time and without exceeding our clients’ set budget. We can also work on big projects involving residential and commercial properties.

At Paradigm Concrete Design, we can make broom finish overlays provide simple yet aesthetic-lifting appeal to your outdoors. Our work is so polished that everyone who will see the surface we’ve worked on will not think that it is made with a low-cost material. Best of all, we offer our professional services at a price that most clients will be able to afford without straining their budget.

Call us at (502) 751-0779, or visit our Louisville, Kentucky office to personally discuss with us your need for broom finish overlays. We will also be glad to provide you with a free estimate so you can plan your budget accordingly. Hire us today and let us make your plain-looking concrete surface stand out effortlessly.