Stained Concrete

At Paradigm Concrete Design, we transform dull and boring concrete surfaces into elegant and enticing areas by using decorative methods such as acid staining. With these methods, concrete surfaces can be easily made to look like more expensive flooring materials such as natural stone, slate, or hardwood.

We can achieve these with the help of our creative and experienced people who are tasked to work on every stained concrete project that we handle. They have already created and completed, with outstanding results, numerous staining projects in Kentucky as well as on some complex decorative concrete works in Southern Indiana.

Interior and Exterior Applications

The great thing about staining is you can have a stunningly stained concrete on any area in your property, whether indoors or outdoors. The versatility in the design and application makes it the preferred method of most contractors like us at Paradigm Concrete Design.

For indoor applications, acid stains can be used on living room flooring or kitchen area. Some clients, meanwhile, prefer it to be used on their garage and other areas where wood and other expensive flooring material is not feasible.

You can also see stained concrete works on outdoor areas. Patio and deck flooring can be instantly transformed into a magnificent area when staining method is used. Other areas that staining can be effectively used include walkways, courtyards, and other outdoor living areas with concrete flooring.

While most are familiar with the horizontal application of acid stains, only a few knows that it is also a good decorative option for their walls. If you want to create a one-of-a-kind wall design, then the staining method is the perfect choice. Another advantage of this method is it can be used both in old and new concrete surfaces.

The Right Staining Techniques

There are a lot of contractors in Kentucky that may also offer stained concrete services. However, we stand to be different by providing professional services and outstanding results. We only follow efficient application methods so that the stained surface will look great after the process.

We also have different approaches when dealing with old and new concrete surfaces. When you hire us for a concrete staining job, we will first ensure that the surface is properly prepared and cleaned. If it is a new concrete, we will wait up to 30 days before we start the staining process. Meanwhile, our team will ensure that the area will be free from paint, stains, grease, sealers, water repellent, and waxes to make sure that your desired design will be achieved.

The staining process doesn't stop after the last coat. The newly stained concrete should be sealed to ensure long lasting effects. When properly sealed, the natural or stain color will stand out. We will also use premium water-based sealers to provide you with the best results possible.

Premium Staining Solutions and Tools

It is our philosophy to give clients optimum satisfaction every time they hire us for masonry and concrete works, that's why we only use premium acid stain products from the leading suppliers in the country. These solutions are proven to enhance the appearance of any concrete surface and protect them from the elements.

If you want a unique, elegant, and revitalized stained concrete surface, trust only in Paradigm Concrete Design. Call 502-751-0779 now.